Hypertension Part 3 (Assessment, Management and Secondary Causes)

Weary traveller, let Rahul, Bec and Jupiter’s 79 moons be your guides as we haul you up the third and final segment of the hypertension series. At the summit we take you on a high pressure hike through the assessment and secondary causes of the old HTN under the auspices of a curiously one dimensional character called Mountain.


Today we discuss swiss traditional dress. High-waisted skirt, embroidered blouse, shawl, and a nice kropfband to show off that shapely toxic thyroid adenoma.

You’ll hear there’s a new voice joining us for this one – meet Scott, our delightful physician-in-training friend with a keen eye for historical factoids and dulcet tones that will ease the transfer of medical knowledge into your auditory canals.

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