Research – The How and Why

Ever pondered whether you might suit the professorial lifestyle? This episode, featuring special guests Dr. Adam Brown and Dr. Nitesh Nerlekar, will run through what the appeals of including research in your career are and some basics on how to get started. Drs. Brown and Nitesh are academic cardiologists from Monash Health in Melbourne and have mentored many medical students, junior doctors and PhD candidates in their nascent careers. So sit back, grab a Pina Colada and get caught in the research rain. 

Nitesh, Adam and Rahul (alongside a few other academic doctors) are running a research skills course in Melbourne at the Alfred Hospital over the weekend of May 19-20. This course will provide a more in-depth guide on the skills needed get some publications to your name and avoid some of the traps that many young doctors fall into. You can sign up at