Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Xmas Edition!

Merry Christmas from Medconversations with our long awaited ep on inflammatory bowel disease. Fake a smile and pretend its just the gift you wanted as Scott and Rahul explore the length of the disease from the mouth to the azathioprine. Get into the consumerist holiday spirit and share/comment this status for a chance to win an authentic Santa toilet seat cover to keep your own cheeks rosy this Christmas!

MET calls: what you can bring (even when you don’t know a thing)

You know when people invite you to dinner and tell you not to bring anything, but actually if you got your act together and brought a salad they’d be really glad? MET calls and interns are kind of like that. This ep is for the interns-in-gestation: we teach you how to make salad.

(Anyone disappointed in the low salad content of this ep should head here afterwards for an unrivalled culinary delight brought to you by MedConversations. And Ottolenghi. You’re welcome.)