Glomerulonephritis Part 2 – Nephritic Syndromes

If you naively thought that part 2 of glomerulonephritis would never come and you could spend the rest of your summer wallowing in glorious ignorance of those confusing glomerulonephritidis then you were wrong. Here are the rest of the nephritic syndromes in all their rosé tinted beauty.

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Davor’s back doing his Davor thing and sprucing neurology to the world (whether they want to hear about it or not).

So, if the holiday blues have you feeling numb to the world or passion for the new year has you unexpectedly weak at the knees then tune in because, as usual, we’ve got the balm for your blues.

Join Rahul and Davor as they lead you with a high-stepping gait through the world of peripheral neuropathies. Perhaps after this you won’t feel so lost in the nerve network…Emphasis on the perhaps.