MedConversations is a series of medical education podcasts, flashcards, and other resources. It’s made by a team of young doctors to help other young doctors and medical students¬† scale Mt Physician and achieve medical enlightenment.

Podcasts have the potential to be an effortless matrix-style upload of information. However, most of them are overly technical and¬†specialised. We’ve created scrumptious soundbites that drift pleasantly in one ear and hang around for the long haul. We’ll give you the context to hit the wards with just the right amount of cocksure swagger.

We aim to give you a structure of thinking, not just regurgitate information.

The episodes have got your basic facts and broad strokes explanations, with just a smattering of specific details and recent evidence. Top that recipe off with with ripe anecdotes and giggly facts. If nothing else, listening to our titillating conversations will improve your pub trivia scores (the guy who invented the laryngeal mask was called Dr Brain, FYI).

Every podcast comes with online flashcards made using Quizlet, which means you can learn on the internet, download the Quizlet app onto your smartphone, or print the cards out into old school flashcards.

Sound enriching? It is.

More questions? Post below or email info@medconversations.com


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