You know that feeling when you find a surprise $100 note in a coat pocket you haven’t worn for a while? Yeah, we don’t either. But we can imagine it feels kind of like discovering we have a MedConversations episode we forgot to publish! Open this 2022 time capsule with us and treat your tympanic membranes to Bec and Scott talking all* things hypothyroidism. We open up a can of worms talking history of the thyroid, and introduce you to our case Nala the poet with enough heavy-handed use of metaphors to make your Grade 6 teacher proud. If you last till the end, please tell us what you think of the surprise concluding performance.

*Some exclusions may apply

Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Xmas Edition!

Merry Christmas from Medconversations with our long awaited ep on inflammatory bowel disease. Fake a smile and pretend its just the gift you wanted as Scott and Rahul explore the length of the disease from the mouth to the azathioprine. Get into the consumerist holiday spirit and share/comment this status for a chance to win an authentic Santa toilet seat cover to keep your own cheeks rosy this Christmas!